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About Me

Hannah Forbush has been practicing acro since Spring of 2014. With a background in gymnastics, yoga and stage performance, she was excited to discover acro. She started performing with Arkansas Circus Arts in the fall of 2014, began teaching in 2015 and co-founded Arkansas AcroYoga in January of 2016. She received her Acro Revolution teacher certification in August of 2016. You can typically find her flying but she’s recently begun to train more basing and solo hand balancing. She and Scott have been slowly developing performance in fire acro and are excited to see where that practice leads.

Certifications & Trainings

  • AcroLove Festival - 2015
  • Slackro Workshop with Mateo Daniel - 2015
  • Acro Van Weekend Intensive - 2015
  • Acrogasm - 2016
  • Handstand and H2H Workshop with Max and Liz - 2016
  • AcroRevolution Training Camp - 2017
  • H2H and Pops & Whips Workshops with Jessalyn and Glen - 2017
  • AcroLove Festival - 2018

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