Yoga of Trust

Yoga is about trusting yourself. Acroyoga takes it a step further, putting trust in others. Our instructor Sam dives into how we build trust within our community and the positive benefits that come from it.


Developing trust is often something we as human beings never learn to do. Throughout our lives, society and happenstance often teach us to feel the opposite of trust. Often, we find that we learn to distrust the world around us and the people that live in it. I have come to find that partner acrobatics and yoga have been an antidote for the distrust I built up all my life.

It's an amazing feeling to be supported or supporting someone else in complex aerial body positions. It's an incredible feeling nailing that move which you and your acrobatics partner have been working on. It's an amazing feeling when the spotter catches you so you can safely try again. Acrobatics and yoga are both community building exercises. It's easy to make friends within these communities because of the very nature of what is involved. The aims are trust, letting go, and freedom.

When you are trying your first hand to hand or cartwheel mount, there is an immense amount of trust involved between the base and flyer. So much, in fact, that you often forget there is any element of danger involved at all. Teamwork is safe-work, trust builds friendships, and friendships lead to new adventures for you and your friends.

I would recommend partner yoga and acrobatics as a form of trust therapy to anyone who is in need of it. It is not just an exercise. I am thankful beyond words that I have found this method of expression and the people who have brought me here. We brought each other.  I long to share our knowledge with anyone willing to learn so that they may too learn trust on a deeper level. I trust that anyone with the capacity to move can do this, and with time we can all learn to trust each other.


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