This is a story of when the AcroVan family came to Arkansas. Little did I know they would take me away for an acro ride of a lifetime. . .

. . . To begin, let me start from this Wednesday when the AcroVan backed up into my driveway. Mark, Becca, Liz, Max, Laura, Nick and Carl all popped out of the Van excited to see what Arkansas had in store for them.

Mark the handstand master. Flying him in any hand to hand is like basing with the cheat codes turned on. He is the encourager of the group, when you successfully accomplish any awesome pose Mark would be the first to tell you how much of a badass you are.

Nick the beautiful beast! Nick’s experience and strength shows as he can easily put anyone into hand to hand. He also moves with precision and makes every motion elegant and meaningful. Watching him and Laura perform on the trapeze was breathtakingly beautiful.

Laura the mom of the group. She is always so caring and nurturing to those around her. She kept her lofty crew in check and on time.

Goofy Becca! Oh Becca! I mean, you have to love Becca! Not only is Becca a handstand beast, she is also the goofiest acrobat on the van! It was also her birthday when she came to visit, so things got very goofy!

Max the serious photographer. Max knows how to make anyone look beautiful. His tenacity to get the best pose in every picture makes this man glimmer with enthusiasm.

Liz the put-your-hands-in-the-air-and-wave-them-like-you-just-don’t-care yogi. Liz never stops smiling and she is the sweetest of the AcroVan.

Carl the loveable one. Carl loves catching frisbees, chasing tennis balls and lounging around. He is the perfect companion for the AcroVan.

Arkansas showed off its beauty for the AcroVan! The weather was perfect, the water was cold and the sun was shining. Our ArkansasAcro family welcomed the AcroVan family and as we played together we slowly became a new family, one that support each other and uplifted all the new people arriving in Arkansas.

The AcroVan rented out a “Vansion” in Hot Springs on Lake Catherine where the Heartland family stayed. The weekend was full of acrobatics, boats, sunsets, full moons, and fire!  The “Vansion” was a three story home. It was decked out with a full trapeze rig in the living room, Acro mats rolled out under the trapeze and on the back porch. A dock in the back was perfect for photos and flips. Add 20ish Acro Yogis to the mix and you have one of the best/most exhausting weekends of your life. The AcroVan team amazed me by how easily they were able to create a fun and entertaining class for all levels, they all had a massive amount of experience working with each other and with every lesson, exceptional detail went into crafting acro machines.

People from Dallas, Tulsa, Fayetteville, and Memphis all joined us in Hot Springs as the AcroVan took us on a wild acrobatic ride through some standing acro and even some three high!  We tossed each other around, challenged our strength, mastered two high, and pogoed flyers high into the air.  The acrobatics went everyday from 10am to 6pm. After classes our family fun didn’t stop. We continued flipping each other on the trapeze and playing around the house.

The weekend was like eating a rare candy or like running through a level 40 world with level 60 acrobates supporting you along the way. The AcroVan helped me with first time successful attempts at standing hand to hand. They taught me new ways to go about teaching a class. And they showed me what it means to be an acrobatic teacher!  If you have never experienced time with the AcroVan take hold of the opportunity when you can! Love you AcroVan and thank you for giving me a brief glimpse of what your life is like.


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