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Our latest blog post is a little different from the others. Our instructor, Scott Forbush is wanting to share with you all a blog post from our very own Jamie Michelle. Here's a new perspective into what it's like to be a part of our family.


I recently read a blog post from a dear student of mine and her words express perfectly the dream I have of creating and growing this acro community. She paints a picture with her words describing how she feels about being part of our family, and it is way better then anything I could explain. I asked Jae if I could share her post on our website, and she happily told me yes. Without any further ado, here is Jamie Michelle’s blog post: A Family of Strangers


“So I’m sitting in the library. It’s 10:45 p.m., and I’m essentially surrounded by strangers. Well, I say strangers. I’ve known these people from anywhere from one to six months. We’ve been all over each other, balanced on each other, relied on each other. And while we don’t truly know each other, I’m at a surprising amount of peace.

These are the people I do acro yoga with. They are part of my own little community. They’ve seen me at my best and worst and not even known it. They have held me five feet in the air while also lifting my rock-bottom spirits. And the best part is, they don’t even know it.

They have no idea the stresses of nursing school that I face every day.

I’ve never called any of them to invite them to coffee. Or really to hang out any time outside of the acro yoga setting.

I guarantee you none of them can tell you what my thesis is about.

And I doubt half of them can tell you what my real name is.

And strangely enough, that is what I find so comforting about being around them.

I’ll admit, I’m probably my most introverted when I’m around these people. I am my most quiet, most reserved. And that likely contributes to their lack of knowledge about me. But that’s the beauty of it. I never have to say a thing.

They never question my silence. Never show me any judgment for being so inside of myself. One girl who’s from France, she just hugged me goodbye. We’ve barely spoken the entire time she’s been here. I was honestly kind of surprised. But in a good way, like a peaceful way. It just reminded me how these beautiful people have accepted me without having to know any personal detail about me.

So as I’m sitting here, I’m drawing my energy from them. I’m watching Branden and Kayla give each other foot massages as Stephanie crawls towards them like a cat. Hannah is giving Thai massages to new friends, acting like the leader she always is. Derek, Judson, and Bailey are talking about their band auditions. And I’m here, contently soaking up all of it.

I may never have the words to express myself to them, to help them get to know me. The most they may ever know about me is from the beginning of each class where we go around the circle and say our favorite thing of the week. But that’s beyond okay. Because the healing, the trust, the encouragement that acro yoga has brought me, it has been through these people. These strangers that I call my acro family.”

-Jamie Michelle


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