Sustain Movement to Sustain Life

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Everyone with the physical capacity to move is a movement artist, just not everyone knows it or even realizes that it's a possibility. Anyone can learn to cartwheel, handstand, base, fly, climb, run, lift or tumble. My favorite movement art is partner yoga and acrobatics with my ArkansasAcro crew. We all start with something that catches our attention and ignites our passions. Anything you see another human being do, you are capable of doing but not everyone sees it that way. The beauty of the human body and the human experience is that we all share the same biology. The human body is capable of millions of complex, diverse and powerful movements because the body is that good of a machine.

To grow and strengthen that machine the body must be maintained in order to function properly. If positive action is put into its maintenance the results are far more likely to be positive. If negative actions or no action is put into the maintenance of the body the system will continuously lose strength resulting in a myriad of complications and physical anomalies. Many people in our society experience this decline early on in life which never allows them to experience the full depth of what they are truly capable of doing. The work you put in is the results you experience; whether those results are positive or negative is truly up to the individual. The harder you play and the harder you train the higher the results you will yield. The opposite is true as well.

Whether your movement art is martial arts, acrobatics, gymnastics or dance, your personal health must be your top priority. The body is a system that requires dedication to order to maintain its equilibrium and balance. The food you eat is the fuel for the bodies healing, regenerating, and growth. The water you drink affects the mobility of your joints, which directly affects the movements and the flexibility of the system . Your level of flexibility is the difference between bending instead of breaking. Your ability to bend instead of break saves you from physical injury. Not being physically injured allows you to keep playing. If you continue to play, your mindset will never grow old and your aging process will be far more graceful. To keep playing you must take care of yourself. To know how to take care of yourself you must know yourself. To know yourself is the greatest thing you can carry with you moment by moment as you make your journey through life.

Above all else, take care of your physical vessel. A body is a blessing to have and will carry you to new adventures should you choose to take care of it. There are always new heights to climb and new sites to see. All of the things we dream of doing are at the other end of taking care of yourself. Don't doubt that last sentence for a second. Anything you see someone else do, you can learn but to learn anything requires dedication. It all begins with the conscious choice to wake up everyday and take care of yourself.


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