Spreading the Flame

Do you remember the person who introduced you to acroyoga? Have you been that person for someone else yet? Acroyoga is about learning, sharing and becoming a teacher. Throughout everyone's acro journey, we all become teachers to someone.

My heart swells with pride when I see my students teaching others, like a mother watching her oldest teach her youngest to tie his shoes. Acroyoga is the flame that welds together the links of our community chain. Each link is somehow connected to another.

It doesn't take a PhD to teach acro. All it takes is an understanding of the mechanics of bird to start spreading the fire. I love to see new students leave class and immediately go find a friend or family member to throw up in bird.

What I love even more is when our students teach us. Every mind works differently and discovers different things.

I can't count the number of times where I heard something from a student that changed my way of thinking. "That is a great way to word that." Or "Wow, that move really makes the sequence easier for beginners."

I've often heard that when you become a teacher you become a student too. I'm seeing that in reality for the first time and it really brings joy to my heart. I encourage all students, new and old, to be bold and ask questions and make observations. I encourage every acro yogi to teach someone else. I am sure it will reveal new discoveries in your practice and give you the confidence to grow. Don't be shy to pull in someone new. Pay attention to the words instructors use and the steps they take to teach beginners. Go be the acro spark in someone's life.


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