Heartland Regional Acro Jam!

Hannah T summarizes a wonderful weekend in Fayetteville at the Regional Heartland Jam.

As someone who is trying to grow the acro community, sometimes I feel like the Who’s down in Whoville shouting “we are here! We are here!” to attempt to make our presence known. Then things like the Heartland Jam happen. This event was a wonderful reminder of the growth that continues to happen in our state and nation.

I found Justin’s email online while scouting out the communities in the state, and I’m so glad I contacted him. Not only did we get their group info for Fayetteville, but he shared information about his plans for a multi-state jam that he was hosting. There were intermediate level prerequisites to attend, and the playtime included a formal skillshare where different attendees taught moves to the group.

While I was only able to attend one of the three days of play, the day I attended was wonderful. We started at an indoor facility and played with acroyogis from Tulsa, Fayetteville, and Conway. Justin did a fantastic job of mixing the groups as the morning passed so we got to know each other well. Lunch was shared at Thep Thai, a local eatery with delicious spring rolls. Then the group hiked on the Mt. Kessler trails to play on the rocks and take some fun pictures.

It was good fun getting to learn new transitions, calibrate with other happy feet, and even land a big pop I hadn’t done before, but my favorite moment was our cuddle puddle atop the boulders. One of the things that drew me to acro in the first place was the safe, platonic space that it created for touch. This gathering of people huddled for warmth and to watch the sunset is a perfect example of the connection that stems from our practice together.

I’m so grateful for the Fayetteville and Tulsa communities. Some special thanks go to Justin Leflar and his wife Samantha and their gracious hosting of our groups. Stay tuned for next month, ArkansasAcro will be hosting the Regional Heartland Jam March 11-13!


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