Check out Hannah T's latest blog post as she gives a unique look into the inner-workings of ArkansasAcro. From organized meetings to the masterminds behind our social media, we hope you enjoy our next installment as you go "Inside the Business!"

Inside the Business...

. . .The check-in table is in place, sign-in sheets are ready, announcement board is written on, and smiling faces are waiting to greet the students. A great class is taught, forms and money are gathered, the team leaves. The same thing happens the next week.

This is the job that our community watches our Leadership team perform. It’s cut-and-dry, we do our best to keep it running and are learning to make it work like clockwork. While this part of ArkansasAcro is crucial to our success, it is only a portion of what makes this business thrive.

With the recent changes that have been happening, I wanted to offer a glimpse into a few more of the tasks that keep this group expanding. No matter our size, the owners of ArkansasAcro want to be transparent with our members about how we steer this community. These are just a few of the things we continue to do that have made ArkansasAcro the premier group it is today.

1. Leadership Meetings. Every week, for a minimum of an hour and a half, Hannah T, Hannah J, Scott, and Sam gather to plan, write visions, and strategize. As we’ve grown together as leaders, these meetings have been a place where we give feedback, ask questions, and have healthy discourse over the next steps of the business. It is our organization and professionalism that sets us apart, and these meetings are where those components are practiced and fostered.

2. Managing the money. Even if you haven’t met her yet, you should go and thank Hannah Jones for being at the helm of ArkansasAcro finances. While the entire team contributes, there has to be one person to keep track of the budgets and make sure nothing is off balance at the end of it all. That person is Hannah J. Currently none of the owners have been paid for teaching, leading, or anything that has helped make Wednesday nights happen. Even still, there are office supplies to buy, insurance to buy and rent to pay, and even a promotional budget to manage. It’s hard work, and she does it with great detail.

3. Speaking of promo, there is an entire team that has made the name of ArkansasAcro more well-known in the community. If you see Sam with his phone out, he’s probably taking pictures to share on social media. If you haven’t seen our amazing instagram, go check it out! (@thearkansasacro) Scott works hard to show off our wonderful members, instructors, and thriving community. He also worked to get us our fantastic stickers! Finally, have you seen this website? All the pages? Go look at them, they are all carefully designed. Peyton and John worked hard on its creation, and John continues to pour time into it every week to make it both easy to use and easy on the eyes.

As I said, these are just a few of the things that are constantly happening to keep this group growing.  The life blood of this group is the community that shows up every week, we’re the body that you guys keep alive. As always, we welcome your feedback and are so happy to answer any questions you have about why we do what we do.

Keep helping each other fly!



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