AcroGasm Tour

Check out what our instructors were up to this past weekend!

My team and I took a journey this weekend to Austin, TX for an acroyoga intensive called AcroGasm. Now the name can be a little crass and so can the jokes but the teaching was excellent.

I love learning, and at AcroGasm I learned how to be a student once again. The AcroGasm teachers Jason, Chelsea, and Lux presented innovative moves that built off of each other. Each move was executed with a vast amount of experience and seemed effortless. Chelsea’s beastly strength showed me the power a flyer is capable of achieving. Jason taught me how sturdy a base can be and how to use my various strengths to my advantage. Lux was multitalented in flying and basing but what he taught me the most was how to be an all time spotter, how to spot your base and flyer and keep them both in check. They all pushed me to my edge and they showed me what continuing my training could look like in 10 years time.

Hannah Jones and I teamed up with Brent and Tiffany from Des Moines, IA. We got randomly paired up in the beginning with this acro couple and it worked out wonderfully. They were the perfect pair for us. We felt that our skill levels and experience were similar and therefore we were able to help each other level up through AcroGasm. It was like having the perfect RPG party to defeat the epic raid boss! We couldn’t have achieved as much as we did without them.

The structure of the intensive started with enthusiasm and ended with gratitude. We began each session with a digestion of new and difficult  material. By the end, we were battling soreness, fatigue and hangry-ness. But we always ended by thanking those around us. We thanked our spotters first, then our bases, then our flyers, and finally we thanked our spotters again. This double thanking of the spotters helped me understand how impossible this weekend would have been without them. Spotters were the key to our success and they never allowed us to fail miserably. They took the load, protected the head and always stayed creepy close. Without my spotters I would not have felt as successful as I do now. So once again THANK YOU SPOTTERS! And one more shout out, thank you teachers!


-- Scott Forbush


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