Online Training

Struggling with finding motivation to keep exercising? Not sure what to do in your spare time, or what exercises to try? We can help.

How it works

handstand & flexibility training

We've put together a month-by-month training plan to help keep you moving. You get full access to weekly handstand & flexibility courses.

Handstand-focused exercises, broken down into Upper body Conditioning, Inversion Prep, and Endurance Training modules. Courses can be modified for higher level balancers by request.

Flexibility courses to help you stay limber and improve your overall flexibility. Personalized tracks are also available if you have specific goals by request.

Easily track your progress, get instant help from us (live-chat availabe in-app), send video/photo feedback, and ultimately have FUN working out at home.

Handstand coaching $25/mo

Handstand & Flexibility coming soon

What are you waiting for? Let's get moving!