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We are more than a family of monkeys playing on each others' feet. Here at ArkansasAcro we take great pride in giving back to the communities that make us feel at home. From teaching public classes, giving high school students a new way to connect with fellow classmates, and even cheering on runners at our local marathons, we are So much more than AcroYoga


Soaring wings marathon

Members of ConwayAcro cheered on hundreds of runners at Conway's 2nd annual Soaring Wings Marathon. Runners were greeted with acroyogi's hanging off each other, friendly smiles, and cheers of encouragement. For every smile that was returned, our passion for giving back to others was fueled even more. 

Want to give back to your community? Enjoy making others smile? Check out our Events page to see when our team hosts the next Soaring Wings cheer station. You don't have to be an AcroYogi to cheer, only enjoy bringing smiles and encouragement to others.

See you there!

Little rock marathon

The Little Rock Marathon was a blast for the ArkansasAcro crew! We got the wonderful opportunity to high-five and cheer on thousands of runners this weekend! Nothing beats hearing from runners "You're the real MVP" or "That is so nice, thank you so much!". While our team was there for moral support, everyone running this race were the true hero's. 

We want to send a special thanks to everyone who came out to help cheer, and most importantly everyone who ran today!

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