Q: What if I'm a beginner?

A: Arkansas AcroYoga is offering a foundations class that is perfect for first-time acroyogis, as well as anyone who just needs to brush up on the basics.

Q: How much does class cost?

A: Drop-in fees are $10 per class. If it’s your first time, you get in free! If you want to come back, you’ll have membership and punch-card options.

Q: Do I need to have yoga experience?

A: Nope! Anyone can participate in one of our classes, even with no prior knowledge of the practice.

Q: What should I wear?

A: Fitted, stretchy clothing works best as it will stay in place and not get in the way. You should be comfortable being upside down in whatever you decide to wear.

Q: Should I eat before I come?

A: You'll be spending some time upside down, so we recommend eating something light (ex. fresh fruit) and avoid a full meal.

Q: Should I bring a mat?

A: Wednesday and Thursday night classes already have mats provided. On Friday nights if you can bring a mat with you to the park, that helps!

Q: Is a partner required?

A: No partner required, but we love it when you bring friends!