Austin Acro Community

Who We Are

The Austin Acro Community is one of the largest in the nation. We have jams at least once a week, and during the warmer months, you can find a jam every day.

While we're known for our wild, cowboy spirit, we have some top notch instructors who are constantly striving to elevate the game in a safe & sustainable manner.

Thanks to the efforts of Austin's own Playful Warrior Yoga, PLAY Acro Fest, and an incredibly supportive community base, we also have frequent retreats, workshops, trainings and festivals.

Come play with us anytime!


Our Instructors

Mateo J. Daniel, Grant Shipman, Fadi Hamdan,

Stephanie Redding, Chris Cox, Katrina Repman, Bill Darling


Where We Play

Black Swan Yoga Westgate, Eastside Austin Elite, Indra's Awarehouse


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