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Hannah Jones dives back into the Arkansas AcroYoga blog with a story of her time at Acro Revolution Teacher Training last August.

Do you remember the person who introduced you to acroyoga? Have you been that person for someone else yet? Acroyoga is about learning, sharing and becoming a teacher. Throughout everyone's acro journey, we all become teachers to someone.

To some of our members, practicing acro means much more than just the physical playfullness and connections you establish with others. It goes far beyond that, and this week's blog is written by our very own Kayla McIntosh. We hope you enjoy this beautifully worded and insightful post as much as we have!

This is a story of when the AcroVan family came to Arkansas. Little did I know they would take me away for an acro ride of a lifetime. . .

Why do you acro? What benefits come from it, and what would you tell someone who's never tried it? All of these questions are posed in this week's blog as our member, John Carter, gives a unique look into why our members do acro.

Recently our instructors Hannah J. and Scott had the wonderful opportunity to teach a high school acro class! Check out their latest post as Hannah shares their weekend experience.

Hannah T summarizes a wonderful weekend in Fayetteville at the Regional Heartland Jam.

Check out our latest blog post from instructor Hannah Jones!

Check out what our instructors were up to this past weekend!


Yoga is about trusting yourself. Acroyoga takes it a step further, putting trust in others. Our instructor Sam dives into how we build trust within our community and the positive benefits that come from it.

Check out Hannah T's latest blog post as she gives a unique look into the inner-workings of ArkansasAcro. From organized meetings to the masterminds behind our social media, we hope you enjoy our next installment as you go "Inside the Business!"

Our instructor Hannah Jones shares with you what it means to be a part of the Arkansas Acro family, and explains her passion for the art.

Our latest blog post is a little different from the others. Our instructor, Scott Forbush is wanting to share with you all a blog post from our very own Jamie Michelle. Here's a new perspective into what it's like to be a part of our family.


Follow our instructor Sam Petit with monthly blog posts as he gives you an insight into his daily practices and what it means to him to be an acro teacher.

We are stoked to share with you all the things we have coming your way, but also want you to know that this is what we’re all about.

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Arkansas AcroYoga instructors come from a variety of backgrounds and work to include students from all levels of fitness. Come tap into your inner child and learn how to have fun in a whole new way to exercise.


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