Our Mission

When visiting Hannah Jones at work one day, I brought up the idea of making a Facebook group called “ArkansasAcro” where different groups could post their gathering times and other friendly information. We both thought it would be a good idea, but there was too much on my plate to try and manage one more thing. That planted a seed, though, that has grown into something that continues to become tangible.

Hannah Trice and Scott Forbush play in between workshops at Wakarusa 2015.  Photo by  Ironside Photography

Hannah Trice and Scott Forbush play in between workshops at Wakarusa 2015. Photo by Ironside Photography

ConwayAcro started as something that we all just loved to do, and we wanted to share it with others. As the group gained in numbers, we upped our organizational skills and began having leadership meetings. Around that time, ArkansasAcro came back up in conversation when we were creating a vision board.

Soon, most of our goals centered around ArkansasAcro. Our conversations began to revolve around making everything work within the context of the overarching purpose we were building. With our group gaining more structure and trajectory, we had a better handle on our objectives and combined dreams and goals. It was time to write our mission:

ArkansasAcro enhances lives by developing communities and building trust through partner yoga and acrobatics. ArkansasAcro will strive to provide a safe, lively, and motivating experience through effective and knowledgeable teachers.

The leaders of ArkansasAcro hold to this as the core of our group and the reason for our success. While partner yoga and acrobatics are what we do, it’s our purpose that holds us together. In this season of newness (new website, Facebook page, workshops, and other exciting things happening), it’s important for us to come back to our foundation.

We are stoked to share with you all the things we have coming your way, but also want you to know that this is what we’re all about. From my heart, thank you for your continued support and for joining us on this journey. Keep your eyes on our Facebook page and blog to watch our mission unfold!

Hannah Trice