Acro Hospitality

     In acro we talk a lot about community. Community is the primary aspect that draws many people to acro. But the community we talk about most often is our immediate community that consists of your friends, neighbors and people who live in our city or nearby cities. A lot of ArkansasAcro members might believe that the ArkansasAcro community consists of the people they see once or twice a week, the people living primarily in Conway, Little Rock and Russellville. But the reality is that the ArkansasAcro community is connected with communities and individuals all across the country.

     Acro creates a platform for strangers to connect and feel familiar right off the bat. An acroyogi driving through a new town need not worry about finding a warm welcome. All she has to do is find the acro facebook group or website for that town (if there is one) and she is bound to find someone who is happy to house her and invite her to the local acro jams and classes.

     I have experienced this unique country-wide community multiple times now and have been the provider and recipient of acro hospitality. ArkansasAcro has found open arms in Fayetteville AR, Austin TX, Tulsa OK, and Seattle WA. It is beautiful to see acro communities welcome in stranger acro yogis like distant relatives, but with fewer embarrassing childhood stories.

      Most recently, Scott and I were traveling to Oklahoma for a friend’s wedding. We had already connected and befriended the Tulsa Acro community through our Heartland Regional Jams, so we decided to leave for our trip a day early to visit our neighboring acro family. The community in there is so loving, generous and accepting. When we arrived Tami and Stephen, our hosts, were in the middle of setting up a trapeze rig, so Scott and I had the pleasure of playing with them and testing out poses and having a photo contest. Tami and Stephen took us out on the town for the evening. We were joined by a large group of the Tulsa Acro family at dinner. Following our delicious meal, we headed to Guthrie Green, the lovely park in the heart of downtown, where we were joined by even more Tulsa Acro members for a jam. The night was filled with acro fun, including a spontaneous acro photography session with snakes.

     Tami was so good as to house us for the night and we spent a relaxing morning the following day with the loving group of acro yogis who have become our good friends. Acro has created connections like this among hundreds of practitioners around the world. The common interest provides both the initial connection and a natural bonding activity between people who may otherwise never meet. Always be open to inviting others into your home and community and never fear reaching out and stepping into other communities during your travels. The adventures that lie ahead when you open your heart and home are numerous and exciting.