The Music Begins

The Music Begins

A huge part of every performance is choosing the right song. Songs drive the performance forward, they allows us to express the emotion we want the audience to feel. Often we have a theme to inspire us. We did a Christmas performance where we chose the song Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy. Or we got to prepare a song called I See Fire for a performance themed on the four elements. But usually we get to choose songs we enjoy. Once we have the music, the practice begins.

We Create A Work Of Art

As we listen to the song we begin to piece movements together, a washing machine here, an elegant pose there.  The song allows us to flow and stitch together movement. We usually begin with flowing without much thought, just letting the song drive us. The second time we listen through the song, we begin to talk it through. We choose movements and poses that interpret the music. The best moments are those that are perfect but unplanned. “We hit that at the perfect moment!”


We Step on stage

Our stomachs are full of butterflies. Our palms begin to sweat.  We feel like one bathroom trip isn’t enough.  We stretch, do push ups, and work on our breathing. Once the lights dim and the music plays our energy surges within us. We take our first steps on stage with a deep breath and perform our hearts out. We present our work of art and hope for the best. “Break a leg!”



the applause roars

At the end of the performance, the crowd roars with applause. Applause uplifts us. It gives us the confidence to continue our art form and allows us to see the fruits of our labor. Applause doesn’t always happen on stage. Sometimes it happens from a single girl who found you impressive playing in the park. It can come from a bunch of rowdy kids who for the first time all day stood still just to watch. It is in the comments being made while lifting one another on the side of a mountain. All applause gives us strength to continue performing, educating, and growing with our acro community.


we take a bow


     One of our favorite aspects of acroyoga is the performance. Not every acro yogi is a performer or finds performance enjoyable but we view performance as an expression of our art.  
-Hannah, Scott, Sam, Hannah