Anyone Can Do This

     Anyone can learn how to fly and support someone else's flying experience. I love yoga of any form. Movement in general makes me happy but the community practice of Yoga is a transformative experience no matter which way you approach it. When people meet in a common space and attempt to breathe in union while moving through various postures, that does something for people's psychi. I've seen people turn everything around by committing to practicing yoga. I have witnessed so many people transform their hearts, bodies and minds from doing these practices. Yoga is community building and a boundary dissolving experience both within yourself and outside in the way we interact with other people. Anyone can do yoga because we all share the same anatomy, which is the overarching beauty of being a collective species.

     AcroYoga is much the same, it combines the strength and posturing of yoga with partner work and acrobatics. All the while you must maintain your breathing and trust your own body and partner to move through the postures together. It's a beautiful way to transform and dissolve boundaries because it introduces the element of complete trust. Trust is a very beautiful experience and AcroYoga is an incredibly powerful way to practice trusting ourselves and one another.         

     Some of the happiest moments of my life have been in AcroYoga jams. People working together is all it is. AcroYoga has brought me some of the greatest friends and moments of my life. I can't emphasize enough how showing up, not quitting and trying this beautiful art can change your world and a lot of other people's around you.

Young or old, Acro is for everyone!

Young or old, Acro is for everyone!



     Anyone can do this. I've seen 70 year old people doing AcroYoga very well. I've seen large people fly and small people base. It's trust, team work and sharing. That's a type of yoga we all need to heal. Playing strengthens communities and when we all play together the more joyful life can be.


Anyone can do this. That means you, too.