Acro Soulmates

     So we all have heard of love at first sight, right? How about love at first flight?  Acro brought me together with the woman of my life. The person who has worked with me through every rotation and kept on getting back up after every fall. The lovely Hannah Jones is my Acro Yoga Soulmate and this blog is about the importance of Acro in our relationship. Acro Yoga has been significant in our relationship from the very beginning. From our first date, talking and flying under a gazebo on a rainy Wednesday evening, to today, acro has taught us patience, trust, and growth with each other and the people in our community.  



How about love at first flight?

     A relationship requires trust between partners in order for them to fully enjoy compatibility with each other. The same goes for Acroyoga. As a flyer you must fully trust your base and spotter in order to complete most acro moves. Actually, I have first hand experience seeing Acroyoga build trust. When you take someone you have never met before and move them through a sequence of moves you feel their trust grow with each movement.  I use phrases like, “trust me, I have you,” in order to allow the flyer to relax and to give them the energy to continue flying on.  Since Acro builds trust, my relationship with Hannah is also solidified by the trust we have built for each other.  Acroyoga was the foundation of our trust and, solidified by words of affirmation and actions, our trust has grown along with our actions.

     Have you ever heard the saying, “patience is a virtue?”  Well it really is, especially for acro and relationships.  You can not expect to learn an acro move without putting in the time. Acro doesn’t come easily at first, and without someone to push and train you it takes even longer to learn. Acro takes lots of patience and practice to gain the understanding and fluidity of complex moves.  In my relationship, Hannah and I have had to learn, through acro, how to be patient.  We took time to learn how each one of us works, how to communicate to each other and how to give each other space. It came easy for us, and I thank Acro for this. Acro allowed us to learn how to work with each other in our own time and how to encourage one another through difficult processes.


     Acro with Hannah has been so much fun. To look back on when we first started to now gives me great joy for our accomplishments.  From practicing in the park to teaching over 50 different students, every adventure, every experience has been a huge growing point in our relationship.  I strongly believe that without God and Acro as our foundation we would never have become the strong couple we are today.  Hannah has become the woman I want to have by my side for the rest of my life, the one I wish to one day marry and start a family of little acrobats. I am so happy to call Hannah my partner in life and my partner in acro. Here is to the growth, patience, and trust to come in the coming days.

Scott and Hannah J.