Fear To Fulfillment

"Examining The Purpose Of Acro In My Life"

     I was sitting at Senor Tequila with Scott and my brother and his wife. The latter two had flown home for the holidays, so we were spending our evening catching up on life. After a lengthy explanation of the current state of Arkansas Acro and our lofty plans for the future, my sister-in-law asked us, “So what is it about Acro Yoga that you two are so passionate about?” It was a good question and I appreciated the challenge to articulate my feelings on the topic, something that I often forget to do when I get caught up in business planning, number counting and teaching.

Instructors Hannah J. and Scott F. enjoying a cool summer day entertaining guests at ALS in Wonderland

Instructors Hannah J. and Scott F. enjoying a cool summer day entertaining guests at ALS in Wonderland

Acro Yoga is about relationship with people. It is about challenges. It is about fun. It is about community. It is about overcoming fear. It is about a safe space full of trust.

          I loved gymnastics as a child because it was something I excelled at and I love yoga as an adult because it combines physical and spiritual exercise. But Acro Yoga offers these as well as a whole new set of experiences and fulfillment that those two activities never brought about in my life. 

All smiles, upside-down and right-side up!

     My favorite experience as an Acro leader is helping others achieve goals, overcome fear and utterly surprise themselves. I love it when somebody says “there’s no way I can do that.” I take it as a challenge to prove them wrong. Fear is a powerful emotion that can often take control of a person’s life. I love watching Acro break that barrier. I’ve learned that acro, more than most any other activity or sport I have tried, pushes people past their fear and toward unimaginable accomplishment. I firmly believe that the reason Acro possesses this power is because of the involvement of a partner. I loved yoga but my progression in it was slow because I was the only one setting goals for myself and I was the only one driving myself forward. My Acro development occurred at a much higher speed because I had a partner who drove me forward. He and I challenged each other and helped each other learn.

     I have found so much joy in and passion for Acro because it isn’t just about me. I believe that fulfillment in life, in general, can only happen in community with others. I am so blessed to be a part of a community that radiates love and acceptance, encouragement and motivation, vulnerability and trust. It is so exciting to play a part in a person’s growth from fear and doubt to trust and confidence. It is only when the latter two take control that an individual can succeed.