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About Us - Arkansas AcroYoga

Lifting spirits, one human at a time.

What do we do?

Our goal is to inspire playful movement, supportive community, and inclusive environments. Chances are we have what you're looking for.

We offer weekly AcroYoga & Hand balancing classes for absolute beginners and intermediate practitioners.

We share our love for flying with a wide variety of groups and individuals. Find out where we're teaching next.

Experience a new way of building trust with others and have fun like you've never thought possible.

What are our values?

Arkansas ACroYoga's founding Principles

Arkansas AcroYoga enhances lives by developing communities and building trust through partner yoga and acrobatics. We provide a safe, lively and motivating experience through effective and knowledgeable teachers.


Never stop playing

At Arkansas AcroYoga, our goal is to re-awaken a youthful spirit in our members. As we grow older we often leave behind the fundamental act of play. We challenge our members to let their guard down, roll on the floor and become a child once again.


Find new friends & support

Acro is not just for gymnasts, dancers and acrobats. Our classes have welcomed all manner of students, no matter their age, physical fitness or acrobatic experience. Acro is a fun way to start or continue your fitness journey.


Something for everyone

This one long wordy sentence about AcroYoga and why people should do it (bcuz it's fun) and other reasons to justify why it's just a bunch of adults who haven't grown up and just want to play.

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